PC 2500 2.5 kW


Compact and ready to use air cooled water/glycol chiller, requires only piping & power to install a solution for process cooling applications. It has been designed to ideally match your requirements in applications such as tool machines, manufacturing, non-destructive testing applications, induction, optical diagnostics.

  • Ambient temperature up to +50 °C
  • Micro-channel condenser
  • Low content of refrigerant
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Powerful low-noise pump
  • Accessories: tool-free quick release filter mat mounting frame plus standard Pfannenberg filter

水 | 水/乙二醇






DataPC 2500
Rated voltage±1 %50/60 Hz AC
±10 %230 V 1~
Cooling capacity (with pump)W15/A322.5 kW
Flow rate (pump)7.5 l/min
Pump pressure3 bar
Ambient temperature+10 … +50 °C
Mediumwater, water/glycol
Water tank10 l
Dimensions (W x H x D)708 x 473 x 654 mm
Weight (dry)65 kg


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Hydraulic diagram

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